YDU Tours – Eat & Drink

You won’t believe your taste buds

Ireland is a culinary delight that goes far beyond potatoes. You’ll taste traditional style fare prepared from age-old family recipes by Irish natives, as well locally sourced, cutting-edge cuisine brought to you by continentally-trained chefs.

Good Eats

YDU Tours provides you with almost half your meals during each trip, so we know our taste has to be spot-on. Below is just a sampling of the delicious places you may try on our tours:

English market Galway
Sloan in The English Market, Cork
  • EAT @ the Castle, Castletowshend, West Cork – charming café on the harbor with an outdoor kitchen, scrumptious seafood, and unforgettable desserts.
  • The English Market, Cork City – a veritable feast of foods, fresh and prepared to tempt the senses.
  • The Old Town Whiskey Bar at the Bodega – known for its spirits, the Bodega also has some of the best food in Cork City. From seafood to steak, the large portions and gorgeous flavors will leave you satisfied.
  • Coppinger Row, Dublin – this Mediterranean-flavored but locally sourced, hip joint will show you how far Irish cuisine has come in the past decade.



Pubs are a central part of Irish culture and social life, and many of them serve delicious food along with a creamy-headed pint. Some of our favorites include:

Inside Bodega Cork
The Bodega Whiskey Bar, Cork
  • The Sibin, Baltimore, West Cork – cozy country pub with amazing food and the friendly staff in Ireland.
  • O’Neill’s, Dublin, 4 stories of stories, memorabilia, and a delicious carvery people this Victorian-era marvel. We stop here on the literary pub crawl!
  • Sin é, Cork City, a cozy pub with some of the best traditional music in town
  • Tigh Ned, Inisheer, Aran Islands – relax with a maritime pint after cycling around the stones of this quaint island.
  • Cahalane’s, Skibereen, West Cork – Your Drunken Uncle’s Irish local. Colin, the owner and barkeep, is super friendly and helpful.
  • The Palace, Dublin, one of the older, most venerable pubs in Ireland. Featured in the Netflix documentary, “The Pubs of Ireland.”