YDU Band

Your Drunken Uncle band makes for a wild ride with a pit bull of bluesy rock-n-roll, but once the audience thinks the car’s wheels are over the edge, they pull back and serenade as though the audience were on an Irish shoreline with a cold pint in their hand. YDU brings a variety of genres to the stage. And just when you think it can’t get wild enough, they testify to a gospel no real reverend has ever preached. 

Debut Album, Outside the Gate, Drops January 2021

Outside the Gate was recorded during two sessions in the cicada-crazy summer weather-madness of Sloan’s back deck overlooking the famed Gilcrease Hills. One session, the band raced to track under the wire of a lightning storm that almost doused ten grand of Conor’s equipment, while the second half was cut in the brutal heat of Oklahoma August oppression.

The Single, “It’s My Time,” now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all platforms

Despite the insanity, the boys think this live recording reflects the fundamental spirit of their sound—what you get here is what you’ll get when you hear them live at Lefty’s, Dead Armadillo, the Fur Shop, or any of the other tempered Tulsa haunts they play.

The YDU Band is…

The cats in the YDU Band hail from a wide array of American locales such as Montana, New York, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, but somehow this band of unlikely miscreants, mentors, and madmen found each other in the burgeoning music scene of a revitalized Tulsa. Together they form a southern soul stew from Tom Wait’s growling vocals to the sweet Tulsa Sound in the likes of JJ Cale and Bob Wills. 

From left: Sloan Davis, Conor Robb, Grant Jenkins, Dave Broome, Austin Walden
  • Dave Broome – keys, vocals
  • Sloan Davis – vocals, harps, percussion
  • Grant Jenkins – vocals, bass
  • Conor Robb – drums
  • Austin Walden – vocals, guitar