One of our favorite towns in the world is Skibbereen, Ireland. Nestled in far West Cork, the town of 2,500 or so is known for its bustling famers market, its state-of-the art 1 gig/sec internet hub, a vital arts scene orbiting around the West Cork Art Center housed in the 4-story Uillin Gallery, and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet in the world.

Skibbereen is also the gateway to the beautiful River Illin estuary and the Baltimore harbor that includes the following amazing sites:

  • Lough Hyne: a one-of-a kind salt-water lake with unique tidal schedule
  • Knockamagh Wood: hike through the woods covering the hill 640ft above Lough Hyne
  • Baltimore Beacon: 70ft-tall 18C marker on the cliff overlooking Baltimore bay
  • The Sibin: a quaint country pub with some of the best food in Ireland


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